Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Holi Aai Hai🌺🌼

रंगो से भरी, ख़ुशियों से भरी, 
होली आई है, सौभाग्य लाई है, 
इस बार मेरे घर-आँगन में, 
एक नयी-नवेली ख़ुशी आई है,
मन में भरें हैं, इन्द्रधनुषी रंग,
और हाथों में हैं, होली के रंग, 
कोई प्यारी सी ख़ुशी, 
हम सब को प्रफुल्लित करने, 
ख़ुशियों को और बढ़ाने आई है!

Chitrangada Sharan
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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Massage Therapy to Rejuvenate, Relieve Stress and Pain

Your body and mind are relaxed just after one massage session. Imagine what regular massage can do to you. Massage is an excellent therapy to do away with physical and mental pain and stress.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Constipation: Causes, Prevention, and Treatment

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What causes frequent Constipation?
People suffer from Constipation and keep on trying various medicines, only to find temporary relief.
 This common disorder can be treated with simple home remedies, exercises and  good regular habits.
  • Constipation is the most common body disorder and if left untreated, it may become chronic problem.
  • Almost every one suffers from it at some time or the other.
  • But when Constipation becomes a rule rather than an exception, one must pay attention.
  • Because Constipation is the main cause of many other illnesses.
  • Bad breath, dry, or patchy skin, stomach pain, coated tongue, headache, flatulence, vomitting are some of the external signs of constipation.

Causes that may lead to Constipation:

1. Lack of correct habit of bowel evacuation:

Lack of correct habit of bowel evacuation may be considered the most common cause of constipation.
People nowadays have busy lives. They may be having their meals at irregular times or may be missing breakfast or proper meals.
This in turn might affect the bowel evacuation timings every day.
Our body automatically gets trained to follow a timetable. Therefore, the children must be encouraged to follow a definite time to go to the toilet.

2. Absence of roughage or fibre in daily diet:

Absence of roughage or fibre in the diet is another important cause of constipation.
The normal tendency is to eat more refined and processed food nowadays.
People are so busy and they are either not interested in cooking their own simple meal or they find it convenient to buy and eat packaged food after a busy day.

3. Lack of physical exercise:

This is an important cause of constipation.
Without physical exercise, the intestines become sluggish and the stool does not move forward in the intestines.
Desk jobs and sedentary lifestyle is an invitation to constipation.


4. Inadequate consumption of water and other fluids:

Lack of fluids, consuming less water, bottled fluids can also cause constipation.
This may lead to hardening of stool and consequently constipation.

5. Lack of proper sleep:

Lack of proper sleep is another major cause that maylead to constipation. However, difficult to say whether lack of sleep leads to constipation or constipation deprives one of sound sleep.

List of common foods to relieve constipation:
1. Berries-- for example, Strawberries, blackberrie, raspbefries.
2. Popcorn without too much salt and butter,
3. Beans--for example, kidney beans,
4. Dry fruits --such as dates, figs, apricots, raisins, walnuts, almonds etc.
5. Whole grain bread, whole wheat, multigrain bread,
6. Flaxseed,
7. Steamed or boiled broccoli,
8. Fresh fruits such as pear, apples,
9. Boiled potatoes with skin,
10. Roasted and powdered black gram with water.
Constipation: Food items to be avoided:
1. All dairy products,
2. Red meat,
3. Deep fried foods and snacks such as potato chips,
4. Frozen foods, usually high in sodium,
5. Cookies that are high in fat and low in fibre,
6. Fruit juices on an empty stomach.
7. Aerated soft drinks,
8. Junk food, low in fibre.
Constipation can be treated and prevented:
  • Forming the correct habit of bowel evacuation is the most important step to get rid of Constipation.
  • Eat, drink, and sleep at the same time every day.
  • Go to the toilet at a fixed time every morning.
  • Avoid too much strain to evacuate. In time regular passage of stools will become a habit.
  • Take a lot of water and other healthy fluids during the day.
  • A glass of warm water with the juice of a lemon, first thing in the morning, is a good way to prevent and fight Constipation.
  • Regular physical exercise is a sure way of combating Constipation.
  • Even if one follows a hectic and busy life, they should make it a habit to go for morning or evening walks, or perform Yoga regularly.
  • This should be a daily habit rather than when the problem of Constipation troubles.
  • Moreover, if people are regular in Physical activities, Constipation will not bother them in the first place.
Caution: A word about Laxatives
  • Many people prefer taking Laxatives to treat Constipation.
  • Laxatives are habit forming and they progressively weaken the Intestines.
  • They may cause undesirable side effects.
  • Certain Laxatives prevent the absorption of Vitamins and other Nutrients by the body, which may lead to deficiency of those vital nutrients in the long run.
  • Sounds scary! Take medical advice before taking any Laxative.
  • Laxatives made of Herbal and Natural products, which are safe for consumption can be safely taken.
  • Psyllium husk ( Isabgol in Hindi) is a plant product. It is effective in getting relief from constipation. One can take it with cold milk or water at night. Although it is very effective, habit forming or regular use should be avoide.
  • Another plant product, effective in getting relief from regular troubles of constipation is Triphala. 
  • Tiphala is a combination of three Ayurvedic products and is commonly used in India, due to it's immense health benefits.
  • Triphala has natural detoxification properties and it assists natural, internal cleaning.
  • Triphala helps in digestion and absorption in a natural way.

Specific Yogasanas to relieve from constipation:

  • The Yogasanas are effective for treatment and long time relief from Constipation, even if one has a chronic problem. But they have to be learnt correctly by a Yoga expert and then performed on a regular basis.
    One must practice Yogasana regularly. Following are some of the Yogasanas, which are useful in dealing with Constipation.
    • Halasana
    • Dhanurasana
    • Mayurasana
    • Trilokasana
    • Pascimottanaasana
    • Matsyendraasana
    • Padahastasana
    One must learn these yogic exercises from an expert to get maximum benefits.

    To Sum up:

    Constipation causes general lethargy, discomfort, headaches, Insomnia, flatulence etc. and other serious disorders such as Piles, Fistula, Haemorrhoids, diseases related to Colon and Cancer of the Colon.
    Identifying the causes and getting the treatment for constipation is important to avoid further health problem.
    Taking medicines in case Constipation troubles, is only a temporary solution.
    Prevention is better than cure!
    To get permanent relief and solution, one must be careful to avoid the causes of constipation.
    © Chitrangada Sharan 5th December, 2013
    All Rights Reserved.
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Sunday, August 20, 2017

My Dream Home--A poem!

A little bit of happiness,
And a little bit of laughter,
The clear blue sky as the roof, 
The green grass as my bed,
Green as far as eyes can see, 
And no walls or doors to interfere,
That's my Dream Home!

A home to wake up with Sunrise,
And sleep with the Moon in full view,
The birds and fish as my companion,
The angelic flowers and trees all around,
Green leaves fall, flowers dry after a while,
But strangely they are not worried!!

My soul wandering along the lake,
The soft wind blowing on my face,
Brings the divine fragrance,
Of herbs and flowers all along,
Just then I woke up and realised--------
Oh! It was just a beautiful dream!!!

Chitrangada Sharan 
20th August, 2017
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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

कुछ तुम्हारी , कुछ हमारी-यादें बचपन की

  कुछ कुछ याद है मुझे, कुछ कुछ याद है मुझे,
मेरे बच्चों के बचपन के वो अनमोल पल,
स्कूल की परीक्षा ख़त्म होते ही,
वो बक्सों की तैयारी,
नानी -दादी के घर जाने की जल्दी ,
अटरम पटरम सब अटेची में भरना,
कुछ माँ को बता के कुछ छुपा के!

क्या मज़ा देता था वो,
रेल की खिड़की वाली सीट के लिए,
भाई बहन से झगड़ना,
आौर हर स्टेशन पर कौतुहल से देखना
खाते पीते मैले होकर नानी घर पहुँचना,
नाना नानी का वह पवित्र प्रेम पा कर,
मन का आनन्द से भर जाना!

कभी आम तो कभी आईसक्रीम ,
कभी पैसे माँगकर विडियोगेम,
दिनभर की धमाचौकड़ी से माँ का परेशान होना,
अौर माँ की पिटाई से बचने के लिए ,
नाना नानी से लिपट जाना।
और फिर दादी को छुप कर दौड़ाना ,
लाड़ प्यार में यूँ ही गरमियों की छुट्टियों का ख़त्म हो जाना!

चित्रांगदा शरण
13. 06. 2017
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Monday, October 24, 2016

Samay ki Raftar--A Hindi Poem! By Chitrangada Sharan

समय की रफ़्तार 

समय की रफ़्तार को क्या कहिये ,
कुछ मौसम के आने जाने में निकल गया, 
कुछ त्योहारों को मानाने में बीत गया , 
बचा था कुछ और जो , 
किसी के इंतेज़ार में बीत गया।

       चित्रांगदा शरण 24th October, 2016

Monday, July 25, 2016

At Leisure~~~~A Poem!

When we used to long for some leisure~~~
When we used to long for some leisure~~~ |Source
The 'dusk' of life!
The 'dusk' of life! | Source

At Leisure~~~~!

© Chitrangada Sharan, June 2016
All Rights Reserved.
Remember the times;
When we used to long for leisure;
Now I just wish for no leisure;
At the 'dusk' of life's journey;
Why does this happen;
I don't think about the future;
But miss those glorious memories ;
Of the days gone by.
© Chitrangada Sharan
26th July, 2016
All Rights Reserved.