Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Tremor today!

Hi !
Once  again  we  felt  the  tremors  in  the  evening, at  around  6 : 10 p.m. The  second  one  in  less  than  fifteen  days. We  all  rushed  from  our  buildings, to  the  open  spaces. Slowly  and  gradually  we  started  getting  the  news  from  the T.V. channels about  the  epicentre  being  at  Sikkim, and  almost the  entire north India  had  felt  the  earthquake.

Each  time an  earthquake  happens, I  am  reminded  of  the  devastating  damage  it  had  caused  in  Gujarat, on  26th  January,2001. The  memory  is  still  fresh  in  my  mind.
It  is  a  matter  of  great  concern and  anxiety, as  to  why  the  tremors  are  happening so  frequently. Can  there be  any  device  to  predict  it , so  that  the  damage  is  not  of  such  a  great  magnitude.
For the  time  being  we  can  just  pray  and   hope  that  it  does  not  occur  again . In  a metro  city  like  Delhi, with  such  thickly  populated  areas , so  many  high  rise  buildings,  the  thought  of  tremors  sends  shivers  down  the  spine.
Time  to  pray!
Good night.

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