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Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Tremor today!

Hi !
Once  again  we  felt  the  tremors  in  the  evening, at  around  6 : 10 p.m. The  second  one  in  less  than  fifteen  days. We  all  rushed  from  our  buildings, to  the  open  spaces. Slowly  and  gradually  we  started  getting  the  news  from  the T.V. channels about  the  epicentre  being  at  Sikkim, and  almost the  entire north India  had  felt  the  earthquake.

Each  time an  earthquake  happens, I  am  reminded  of  the  devastating  damage  it  had  caused  in  Gujarat, on  26th  January,2001. The  memory  is  still  fresh  in  my  mind.
It  is  a  matter  of  great  concern and  anxiety, as  to  why  the  tremors  are  happening so  frequently. Can  there be  any  device  to  predict  it , so  that  the  damage  is  not  of  such  a  great  magnitude.
For the  time  being  we  can  just  pray  and   hope  that  it  does  not  occur  again . In  a metro  city  like  Delhi, with  such  thickly  populated  areas , so  many  high  rise  buildings,  the  thought  of  tremors  sends  shivers  down  the  spine.
Time  to  pray!
Good night.

Saturday, September 17, 2011



Few years back an interesting quiz show was aired on Indian Television, KBC, hosted by Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and it was a huge success. There have been reruns of the show since then and still it is the most popular quiz show, aired on Television.                                                                                                    

Now whats the reason of this particular show' s huge success--the host or the participants or the format! I think it is all combined.
I  like  the  quiz.  program  hosted  by Mr. Amitabh  Bachchan, because  of  its  simplicity.
The  participants  are  the  Real  people , from  amongst  ourselves. People  you  can  relate  to. Their  individual  simple  stories,  so  much  similar  to  our  own.
I  feel  particularly  happy, when  some  really  needy  person  wins  a  good  amount  of  money.
 Each  participant  has  an  interesting  story  to  tell, as  and  when  asked  by  Mr. Bachchan. And  Mr. Bachchan  makes  them  so  very  comfortable , with  his  non starry  behavior.
My interest in the show is more because of the participants and of course the format. Some questions are too simple while some do exercise your brain.
People  joining  from  different  parts  of  India, with  different culture  and  regions, is a true  representation  of  'Unity  in  diversity.' I especially like the exposure it gives to remote villages and towns of our country.
So far so good---keep it up KBC!

Chitrangada Sharan

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Are We Really A Democracy?

Democracy ,  we  all   know  means ,  a  government  of  the  people,  by  the  people  and  for  the  people. But, it  is  so  important  to  choose  and  elect  the  right  kind  of   people. The  essence   of  democracy  is
lost  if,  people  vote  on  the  basis  of  caste,  religion  or  region. It  is  our  national   responsibility  to vote  for  the  genuine  candidate,  who are  committed   to  work  in  the  interest  of   the  country,  above  any  other  interest. Otherwise, we  ourselves  are  to  blame,  if   the  country's  affairs  are  mismanaged.
Another  big  worry  is  general  public's  lack  of  interest  or  careless  attitude  towards  voting  process.
Be  part  of  the  democratic  process  you  live  in!