Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fabulous tour to Lugano, Switzerland!

Everyone dreams of visiting Switzerland, at least once in a lifetime. I also had a desire to go to Switzerland once, and the dream became true. The pleasure was at its peak as it happened along with whole family.
Lugano is a city, in the south of Switzerland, which borders Italy and lies along the lake Lugano. And what a lake! I have not seen such a vast lake in my life. Surrounded by mountains, and a splendid lake, Lugano is a tourist's delight. The atmosphere was wonderful. There were large number of water sports available. We opted for a motor boat, which my son drove. Once you are there, you do not want to come back. All along the bank, there are beautiful people sitting and enjoying with friends and family. There are very tidy streets, fashionable stores, excellent buildings all along. All through the train route, the landscape is so refreshing and soothing to the eyes.
Wish, could have spent more time at Lugano.

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