Monday, December 12, 2011

Celebrating 100 years of Delhi------------

Yeh   Dilli   hai   mere   yaar-----------bas    ishq   mohabbat   pyar---------
These  lyrics are  most  suitable  to  the  sentiment  of   a  Delhite. Although  Delhi  has  changed  a  lot, especially  since  the  last  two three decades, the  soul  has not  changed. Delhi  is  a  rare  combination  of  traditional  and  modernity. You  can  find  ancient  monuments  alongside  the  modern  malls and  Metro.The wide  roads, the  greenery, the  many  huge  markets to  suit  all  pockets  and  the  glorious  cultural  and  political  heritage, there  is  no  limit. Then there is the  magical  and  ever  so  mystical  Connaught  Place. From  where  to  start  and  where  to  end !
I  still  cherish  the  sweet  memories  of  my  college  days---going  for  picnics  and  parties  to  Buddha  garden, Surajkund  and  Batkal  lake.  It  was  quieter  in  those  times, less  number  of  people  and  cars  on  roads. Delhi  winters  are   perhaps  the  most  enjoyable   times. The  food  is  delicious ,  whether  at  a  chaat  corner  or  at  a  kabab  dhaba.
It  is  very  difficult  to  describe  Delhi  in  few  words. It   is  an  idea,  a  concept,  a  sentiment. Those  who  have  lived  in  Delhi  might  perhaps  understand  the  nostalgic  feeling ,  which  I  have  for  Delhi.
Long  live  DELHI!
Chitrangada  Sharan

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