Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Preparing for Summer Holidays!

The final examinations being over and the results out. What most  of the parents and their children must be having  in mind--of course the long Summer holidays. I am sure, most people must have planned some thing in advance. Because prior planning is very important, whether you are going for a vacation with family, or you  intend to send your child to a Summer Camp, or still another option engaging your children in music, dance or some other creative courses.
Holidaying is very important for everyone to relax and break the monotony of your office work or school. It rejuvenates and fills us with renewed energy, much needed to perform better.
Selection of the place, the bookings of tickets and hotels should be done quite in advance to avoid any inconvenience whatsoever. There are many travel agents to manage that. Internet is quite helpful  in giving the information, but personal meeting with the travel planners is a must. It is very important to ensure the genuineness of the travel agents.
You must also gather some information of the place you are going to visit, for example, the climate conditions, food choices, important sites to be visited, mode of transport and so on.
It is a good idea to carry a note pad to note down important and interesting facts about the vacation destination. Travel light and wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
Chitrangada Sharan

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