Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Its Summer season-- take care!

The summer season has set in and that means more care about your skin, your diet and general health. People who have to remain outdoors for their work or school or college must gear up to tackle the scorching Sun and heat.
Indian Summer  starts almost from the month of April and extends up to June. Though people around the world are quite scared of Indian Summers, I think a little bit of planning, precaution and preparation can make even their summer trips to India quite enjoyable and memorable.
Keep yourself hydrated:
Remember to carry your bottle of water, juices, lemonades etc. along with you, when you are travelling. Eat fruits which have lot of water content in it, for example, water melon, cucumber, oranges, coconut water and many more like them.
Eat light:
It is advisable to eat light and easily digestible food in summers. Say no to oily, greasy and spicy food. Avoid eating out and carry your own fresh  home cooked food. The food available outside may get stale due to the heat and might upset your stomach if consumed.
Take care of your skin and hair:
You must cover your head with a cap or take an umbrella to avoid direct Sun heat. For the skin wash your face with cold water and apply rose water and sandal powder paste. Both keep skin cool. Applying Neem leaf paste can cure small rashes which might occur due to Sun heat on the face. It is not wise to apply heavy make up in Summers.
Wear light cotton clothes.
So, gear up and  enjoy the Summer season with juices, mangoes and  lot many fruits.

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