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Monday, June 11, 2012

The Memorable Family Holiday At Italy

A country which has ancient as well as modern buildings to boast off--- a place full of art, artists and architecture--a place rich in beautiful landscapes. Yes, we spent six memorable days at  Italy.                                                                
  First of all we landed at Rome, the ancient city, eternally beautiful and unique. We saw  the breathtakingly splendid  architecture and sculpture,  ancient monuments such as the Colosseum and the majestic Vatican city.  All along we had our heads turned up, appreciating everything. Even the streetlights had an artistic touch. We took a tour of the city Rome in the Hop on Hop off  bus service with an open top which allows you to enjoy the full view through the heart of the city all along its route, and we  did not stop clicking pictures even for a minute. Every building was beautiful with wonderful artistic finish. The awesome Trevi fountain was crowded with people, tourists from so many countries. So, even Italians believe that dropping coins in a water body brings good luck like us, the Indians. People all round the world are emotionally the same.
Florence is another beautiful place of Italy. Walking through the  historic lanes of Florence, you come across the world famous Galleria dell Academia, which impressed us for its artistic excellence.  You come to see many big and small replica of the the world famous David, by Michelangello in the many lined up shops there.
From Florence we took a guided tour to the district Tuscani, to see the strange leaning tower of Pisa, an engineering marvel or an engineering blunder. Around the leaning tower of Pisa, there are beautiful monuments, you can not take your eyes away. There is lot of history attached to this place, but we were more interested in the visual delight of the place.
Where Rome had ancient monuments, Milan seemed very modern and fashionable. No doubt, it is called the fashion capital of Italy. Skyscrapers and fashionable malls, beautiful people-- Milan is wonderful.
Talking about food, the Italian cuisines are famous all over the world. But, Pizza at Italy was different, with a thin crust, very nicely cooked and tasted heavenly. After all it is their special cuisine. The Pasta and Gilato tasted delicious. There was so much variety in sea food, in pizzas, in the famous wraps.
Coming to Venice, I had never imagined Venice to be like this. I mean I had read, that it is a city of canals, but my God how do you feel when you realize you are surrounded by waters and you have to commute by water taxis and water buses--simply exciting and strange and very romantic. We took a water taxi to reach the airport of Venice, it was a never to forget lifetime experience. And there is the famous romantic Gondola ride in the Venice lanes, Venice ki galiyan all along the palaces of the Grand Canal. There is music, there is love in the air. I could not help humming Asha Bhonsle's famous song, Do labzon ki hai, dil ki kahani, ya hai mohabbat, ya hai jawani----, picturised on Amitabh Bachchan and Zeenat Aman, at the famous Gondola.
We did not realize, how much time we spent at the St. Mark' Square, it is simply out of this world. And then we sailed in a motor boat to the islands Murano, famous for its glamourous glass work, Burano, famous for its lace work and colorful fishermen houses and Torcello, for its ancient cathedral.
It is difficult to describe the beauty of Italy in a few words, but one thing is clear, why so many people recommended to visit Italy. You have to be there to experience the nostalgia.

Chitrangada Sharan