Thursday, September 27, 2012

The auspicious Ganesh Utsav---Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!

The 10 day festival of  Shri Ganesh Pujan is here again!
 Celebrated throughout India, with full devotion and enthusiasm, it is one of most popular festival among every age group. Everyone is involved in decorations and arrangements to welcome the cutest Ganesha idols.
When I was at Bombay, I was so much influenced by the ten day festival, even I started to bring the Ganesha idol home.
 I have been doing this since the last ten years or so and each time there is renewed enthusiasm in the family.  We clean and decorate our homes. And the place, where we will install the God for the 10 days celebration. The wonderful and well sculpted idols are so cute.
And after the Pran pratishtha, (invoke or call the God by our prayers), we feel the God is sitting in front of you.
 We talk to him, share our worries and problems and seek his blessings to get our problems solved by his Divine grace.

Every day we  prepare sweets like Laddoos, Gujias, Modaks,  Malpuas and many other sweet and delicious recipes, which he might like and we imagine, he is loving it.

 It's a great feeling--the feeling, as if we are feeding the God. Whereas the fact is that the God is feeding us.
 But that is Bhakti--'Devotion' in its simplest form.
 And as we have read in our holy books---God is impressed only by 'Bhakti'--'Devotion.'
May Lord Ganesha bless everyone!

Chitrangada Sharan
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