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Saturday, May 4, 2013

100 Glorious Years Of Indian Cinema

It is difficult to say, whether Society influences Cinema or the Cinema influences Society. But whenever a situation in real life is correlated with a film sequence---whether it is a song or a dialogue, it seems cinema has tremendous influence on our mind, in our behavior.
So, you can listen to a lot of  filmi songs, whether it is a wedding or a party. So much so, that even lover's express their love by singing a film song only.
Indian cinema has certain characteristics, which is unique. Its extravaganza, songs and dance sequences, dialogues etc. No other country perhaps has so much variety in this powerful medium of entertainment.
How can you forget the dialogues like---------------
'--mere paas maa hai----'
'----kitne aadmi the-------'
'-----teesra baadshah main hoon----'
'----khush to bahut hoge tum--------'
'-----jinke ghar khud seeshey ke hon, woh dusron par pathar nahi maara karte----'
'-----jaani, yeh chaku hai, haath lag jaye toh khoon nikal aata hai-----'
'-----jeena yahan marna yahan, iske siwa jaana kahan-----'
'----aapke paaon dekhe, bahut haseen hai, inhe jameen par mat utariyega, maile ho jayenge-------'
'-----mogembo khush hua-----'
'------jo darr gaya, samjho mar gaya----'
'------don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi, namumkin hai----'
'------picture abhi baaki hai------'
I mean, you can go on and on-----

Then there are countless immortal songs, never to forget dance numbers and unforgettable stories. I don't think it is fair to give grades to the films by counting them on a 1 to 20 or any other scale. Just imagine, how much imagination, time, money and devotion is required to make one good film. It doesn't matter, whether it is blockbuster or not, they all are impressive pieces of art and should be given respect.
100 years and still counting----CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!
Chitrangada Sharan
Image Source: Google Images.