Sunday, August 20, 2017

My Dream Home--A poem!

A little bit of happiness,
And a little bit of laughter,
The clear blue sky as the roof, 
The green grass as my bed,
Green as far as eyes can see, 
And no walls or doors to interfere,
That's my Dream Home!

A home to wake up with Sunrise,
And sleep with the Moon in full view,
The birds and fish as my companion,
The angelic flowers and trees all around,
Green leaves fall, flowers dry after a while,
But strangely they are not worried!!

My soul wandering along the lake,
The soft wind blowing on my face,
Brings the divine fragrance,
Of herbs and flowers all along,
Just then I woke up and realised--------
Oh! It was just a beautiful dream!!!

Chitrangada Sharan 
20th August, 2017
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