Monday, April 28, 2014


Longing for some leisure----
Oh! How I wish to enjoy;
The bright Sunshine at dawn;
the ever mysterious mountains;
the sound of the flowing rivers;
the roaming snow like clouds;
the mighty waves of the Sea;
the blossomed flowers in the garden;
the infinite creatures and colors;
defining the beauty of mother Nature;

Oh! How I long to be in midst of Nature;
but there is work to finish;
food to cook and shops to visit;
jobs to do and places to go;
family to take care of;
relationships to handle;

 How I long the day to be a little longer;
How I long for a little leisure time;
Just to sit quietly and listen;
the beautiful music of Nature;
the carefree birds and butterflies;
time to hurry up but---
Oh! But it is Dusk again!

Chitrangada Sharan
28th April, 2014
All Rights Reserved.
Image source: Chitrangada Sharan Images

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